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Content Marketing Engine: Notion + Super Content Marketing Template

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Most businesses want a successful content marketing funnel but struggle to follow through.

That's why I built an all-in-one Notion template to:

📚 Collect Resources: Collect the best links you read.

💡 Synthesize Ideas: Come up with building blocks for essays.

✍️ Write Drafts: Structure and create essays with a simple template.

✅ Publish Posts: Publish your essays from within Notion.

What do you get?

  • 🏦 Content Marketing Database (Notion Template): A fleshed-out Notion database that is yours to customize, iterate, and use.

  • ğŸŽ¥ Video Tutorial: A quick video walkthrough of how you can use the database template to ideate, write, and publish your content via Notion.

  • 📝 Content Marketing Toolkit: A one-pager showing useful links and resources for 80/20 content marketing.

If you are using Notion (backend) and Super (frontend) then this template is for you.

What others are saying 💜

"I've gone from refusing to use Notion to using it 8 hours a day. AMA.
The thing that really red-pilled me came from @artlapinsch who showed me how to use templates so when I create a new essay it also creates a link to my sources db, filtered for this page title (updates dynamically if I change the title!)."

- Mike Taylor (Author, Marketing Memetics)

This is a live example of Mike's Notion x Super content marketing implementation:

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A template to create and publish blog posts all from within Notion.

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Content Marketing Engine: Notion + Super Content Marketing Template

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